Athanasios Sideris

  Afiliovaný člen akademické obce Filozofické fakulty Univerzity Karlovy

16. 2. 2017 – 15. 2. 2022


Athanasios Sideris is of Greek nationality and was born in Livadia, Greece, in 1965.

Studies: He studied Classical Archaeology in Charles University in Prague, has a Master in History from the Université Denis Diderot – Paris 7, and a PhD in Classical Archaeology from the Université de Bourgogne. He speaks fluently English, French, Czech and Greek, and has a working knowledge of other languages.

Research domain: His research fields encompasses the ancient Greek economy, the art of Asia Minor and the Achaemenid Empire, the metal artifacts and trade with emphasis on toreutics, the Ephesian architecture and archaeology, the Phokian & Boeotian history and archaeology, the Greco-Thracian & Greco-Scythian contacts, and the reception of Classics with emphasis on the 20th century visual culture.

Professional and field experience: He was for fifteen years the Head of the History and Archaeology Department in the Foundation of the Hellenic World, Athens. He is now a Research Associate of the University of the Aegean, Greece, and the Research Director of the Thrace Foundation, Bulgaria. He directs the excavations and surveys in Kastrouli, Greece, and Halka Bunar, Bulgaria. In 2011 he directed the survey for the Gaugamela battlefield, in Northern Iraq.

Teaching experience: He taught and still is teaching in various universities, including Charles University, Masaryk University, and Prague’s University of Economics (Czech Republic), Polytechnico di Torino (Italy), International Hellenic University of Thessaloniki, Ionian University, Free University of Athens, and University of the Aegean (Greece).

Digital heritage and project direction: Since 1998 he participated in a multitude of projects related to the digitization of cultural resources, especially in the field of Virtual Reality and was also involved in the research and applications of the ontology modeling, the domain ontologies, the semantic web, the thesauri and the OWL. He has in total participated in 57 EU or nationally funded projects, for 22 of which he was the scientific director.

Congresses, boards and publishing: He often attains historical, archaeological and digital technologies international conferences and congresses, for some of which he was/is also member of the scientific committees. He serves also in editorial and reviewing boards of international journals. He has published two monographs, five edited volumes, 41 papers in scientific journals and books, and numerous technical reports and electronic publications.

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