Alois Musil, Antiquity and the Czech Lands

To honor the 150th anniversary since birth of the world-famous scholar Alois Musil (1868-1944) the Institute of Classical Archaeology, together with Czech National Committee of ICOMOS and National Heritage institute will held a seminar “Alois Musil, Antiquity and the Czech Lands.”


This orientalist, priest and traveller substantially contributed to the topics realting to the Antiquity and also to the Classical Archaeaology. Therefore, the contributions should focus on these fields, but the seminar will be open also to other themes related to the activities of Alois Musil in the Near East and Czech Lands.

The seminar will be held on November 2, 2018 at 9 AM in the “U Voříkovských” house, the seat of the National Heritage Institute, Liliová 219/5, Prague – Old Town.


Organizing Committee:

Jiří Musil – Martina Veselá – Patrik Líbal – Stanislava Kučová.

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