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doc. PhDr. Ladislav Stančo, PhD.



  • Director of the Institute

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Monday 14:00-15:30

Doc. PhDr. Ladislav Stančo, Ph.D. studied Classical Archaeology at the Charles University, Prague, where he also earned his PhD. During his studies he spent one year at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, Germany. SInce 2003 he is employed at the Institute, since 2006 as assistant professor. He was conferred habilitation (Doc.) in 2018 and since 2019 he is a deputy director of the Institute.

His specialization is in peripheral areas of the Hellenistic world, especially in the region of Central Asia, but he also participated in the archaeological investigations in Palmyra and Tell Arbid, Syria. Since 2002 he directs Czech Archaeological Expedition in Uzbekistan. He participates in international conferences and extensively publishes monographs and in scientific journals. His teaching activities include also courses focusing on the Hellenistic Greece, Ancient Near East, Greek Architecture and Topography of the Greek World.

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Selected publications

Monographs and edited monographsArticlesField reportsConferences
  • Stančo, L. – Tušlová, P. eds. 2019: Sherabad Oasis: Tracing Historical Landscape in Southern Uzbekistan. Prague.
  • Tisucká, M – Stančo, L. eds. 2016: Afghanistan. Rescued treasures of Buddhism. Exhibition catalogue. National Museum. Prague.
  • Stančo, L. 2012: Greek Gods in the East. Hellenistic Iconographic Schemes in Central Asia. Prague.
  • Abdullaev, K. – Stančo, L. (eds.) 2011: Jandavlattepa. The Excavation Report for Seasons 2002–2006. Prague.

In print:

  • Stančo, L. Как долгая была стопа Канишки? Cистема единиц измерения в Кушанской империи. In print.
  • Stančo, L.: What is Roman about Central Asia? Acta Euroasiatica, in print.
  • Stančo, L.: Sherabad Oasis: some notes on the settlement pattern in prehistoric and early historic periods. ISIMU Revista sobre Oriente Próximo y Egipto en la antigüedad 17, in print.


  • Stančo, L. – Pažout, A. 2020: Which way to Roxane: Mobility networks in the heartland of Central Asia. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 32,
  • Stančo, L. 2018: Getting rotary: introduction of rotary quern stones in Ancient Bactria. In: Sagdullaev, A. S. (ed.), The problems of history, archaeology and ethnology of Central Asia. Tashkent, 118-128.
  • Stančo, L. 2018: New data on the Iron Age in the Sherabad district, South Uzbekistan. In: Johanna Lhuillier, Nikolaus Boroffka (eds.), A Millennium of History. The Iron Age in southern Central Asia (2nd and 1st Millennia BC). Dedicated to the memory of Viktor Ivanovič Sarianidi. Proceedings of the conference held in Berlin (June 23-25, 2014). Archäologie in Iran und Turan, Band 17, 171-188.
  • Stančo, L. 2017: Facing the lion. Appliqué in form of a lion head on the Late Kushan pottery. Archäologische Mitteilungen aus Iran und Turan 47, 2015, 143-158.
  • Stančo, L. 2016: Mes ʽAynak and the Art of Gandhara. In: Tiscuká, M. – Stančo, L. eds., Afghanistan. Rescued treasures of Buddhism. Exhibition catalogue. National Museum. Prague, 28-47.
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  • Stančo, L. – Shaydullaev, Sh. – Shaydullaev, A. – Augustinová, A. – Havlík, J. – Cejnarová, P. 2017: Archaeological Survey in the eastern Kugitang Piedmonts (South Uzbekistan), Preliminary Report for Seasons 2016 and 2017. Studia Hercynia XXI/2, 121-138.
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  • Stančo, L. – Shaydullaev, Sh. – Bendezu-Sarmiento, J. – Pažout, A. – Vondrová, H. 2015: Kayrit burial site (south Uzbekistan): preliminary report for season 2014. Studia Hercynia XVIII/1-2, 31-41.
  • Danielisová, A. – Stančo, L. – Shaydullaev, A. 2010: Preliminary report of archaeological survey in Sherabad District, South Uzbekistan in 2009. Studia Hercynia XIV, 67-90.
  • Stančo, Ladislav 2009: The activities in Uzbekistan in the 2008 season: testing the Google Earth as a tool for archaeological prospecting. Studia Hercynia XIII, 115-122.
  • Stančo, L. 2019: Living at the Iron Gates: New research on the settlement pattern in the Bactria – Sogdiana borderlands. Prezentováno na konferenci “International Seminar on Archaeology of Central Asia“, 14. ledna 2019, Vilnius.
  • Stančo, L. 2018: In the shadow of the Wall: Hellenistic settlement in the Baysun and Kugitang piedmonts, prezentováno na konferenci „Seen from Oxyartes´ Rock: Central Asia under and after Alexander“, 15. listopadu 2018, Praha.
  • Stančo, L. – Shaydullaev, Sh. 2018: Некоторые результаты археологических исследований в предгорьях Кугитанга в 2016 и 2017 годах, prezentováno na konferenci “Формирование историко-культурных областей в Центральной Азии и проблемы этнической географии”, 27. září 2018, Taškent.
  • Stančo, L. 2018: Where your means are limited: Water management in steppe of the southern Uzbekistan, prezentováno na konferenci EAA 2018 v Barceloně v sekci Human-Water interconnections in the dry environments of the Near East and Central Asia, 7. září 2018.
  • Stančo, L. 2018: Focused on triangles and circles: some peculiarities of the incised pottery decoration of the Hellenistic period in Central Asia, prezentováno na konferenci EAA 2018 v Barceloně v sekci Ancient pottery in Central Asia: large scale perspective on the production systems and the cultural interactions, 8. září 2018.
  • Stančo, L. 2018: Как долгая была стопа Канишки? система единиц измерения в Кушанской  империи. Международная научная конференция памяти Бориса Анатольевича Литвинского «Эпоха империй. Восточный Иран от Ахеменидов до Сасанидов: история, археология, культура», Институт востоковедения РАН. 16-18 апреля 2018 г. Moskva.
  • Stančo, L. 2017: Cult of divine heroes in Hellenistic Bactria: Heracles, Dioscuri and the others prezentováno na konferenci “Ritual Matters Archaeology and Religion in Hellenistic Central Asia, 2.-4. listopadu, Berlin.
  • Stančo, L. 2017: Bactria/Tokharistan in the 3rd and 4th centuries A.D. Selected Problems of Settlement Patterns and Material Culture, prezentováno v rámci workshopu “Eastern Iran and Western Central Asia during Late Antiquity (3rd-5th cent. CE): Numismatics, Archaeology, and Art History in Dialogue”, 29.9.2017, ISAW, New York.
  • Stančo, L. 2017: Kugitang foothills in the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age: preliminary observations , prezentováno na kolokviu (Czech-French archaeological colloquium ) “TOWARDS IRON AGES: Southern Central Asia and Afghanistan in the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age”, 23. června 2017, Praha.


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