Joint Czech-Uzbek Archaeological Expedition in Uzbekistan is carried out since 2002 under direction of doc. Ladislav Stančo with several project dealing with various topics.

The beginnings of the archaeological investigations of the Institute in Uzbekistan are connected with the excavations of the tell site of Jandavlattepa (2002-2006) in southern Uzbekistan and subsequent field survey of the Sherabad Oasis, supplemented by short excavations at the site of Kayrit. Afterwards, the focus of the research switched to the piedmont of the Kugitang Mountains and Pashkhurt Valley in the Sherabad District. Since 2015 several projects are being undertaken in this region focusing on the historical developments of the area. Site of Burgut Kurgan was excavated in cooperation with the French Archaeological Delegation in Afghanistan (DAFA). Survey of the peidmont of the Baysun Mountains, together with Sarimask and Susiztag Ranges was undertaken within framework of the project “On the Mountain of Oxyartes” (Neuron Impuls 2016).


Selected publications

text: Anna Augustinová, transl. Adam Pažout

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