Martina Tvrzová,
tel. 221 619 724,
Celetná 20
110 00  Praha 1
3rd floor, door no. 340, study room door no. 343


Opening hours: The library will be opened between from October 1, 2020 in following times:

Monday 10-13:30
Tuesday 10-13
Wednesday 10-13
Thursday 10-13
Friday 12-15:30


Please, note that:

At the time when lectures are held in room 343/C, the library will operate only in room 340/C. Since many book signatures are located in room 343/C it is strongly advised to order books at least one day ahead so that they can be prepared in room 340/C. please contact the librarian on e-mail
Signatures in room 343/C: 14 A; 16 U; 17 K; 17 Q; 18 N; 18 O; 74 A; 82 A 14; 36 K; 37 B, D; 39 A-G; 41 B, C; 42 I; 42 H; 42A 3; 42 E 2; 54 N; 57 A, B, D; 58 A-D; 44 D; 45; 65 A-B; 67 A, B, G, H, I; 80 E, F; 81 C 3; 87 A-K, M-R.



Signatures of publications acquired before 2001 can be found in the paper catalogue at the institute.
Signatures of publications acquired after 2001 can be found in the central electronic catalogue of the Charles University (CKIS) or in the on-line catalogue of the Institute’s library (monographies only) (Arcis).
Example of a signature: 58 B 39; periodicals: 16 A or 19 C 2; in Arcis 19C002.
Study room holds ten places with two computers with internet connection. During the lectures, six places are available in the room 340.


Library resources

Library contains over 15,000 volumes (both monographies and periodicals) in the field of classical archaeology and related fields. The library stock is divided into 30 subjects which are further specified (see List of signatures).

Among periodicals are 320 titles from the year 1824 until present. Contemporary publications are represented by 39 periodicals. The library stock is strictly non-loanable. (List of periodicals).
The stock of BA, MA theses and PhD dissertations contains ca. 160 titles (viz list of BA theses and List of MA theses, PhD dissertations and habilitations). These titles are also strictly non-loanable.


Catalogues and databases

We recommend university search system of all resources UKAŽ.

Online catalogue of monographies of the Institute’s library at ARCIS. Covers ca. 90% of the monographies.

Online catalogue

Portal of electronic resources – databases, e-books and periodicals (walkthrough to remote access to electronic resources).
Digital University repository – contains electronic versions of final theses at the Charles University
Moodle – Electronic portal of study materials of teh Faculty of Arts


Additional information

List of periodicals at the Institute’s library
List of signatures and their contents


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