Perspectives of Classical Archaeology (PeCla)

The Institute organizes yearly conference “Perspectives of Classical Archaeology” (PeCla) since 2012. PeCla intends to bring together young graduate and post-graduate students from all over the world to present their original and advanced research in the field of Classical Archaeology and related fields (Classic, ancient history, art history, archaeological theory, computer methods in archaeology, natural sciences etc.). The organizers focuses each year on different topic within the field of Classical Archaeology in order to anticipate the newest trends in the scholarly investigations. Usually two keynote speakers invited from universities and research institutions abroad open the conference and introduce the each year’s topic. The call for papers is usually released in September-October with conference taking place in December just before Christmas.

Other conferences

Apart from PeCla, the Institute members often participates in the organization of other conferences, colloquia and round tables.

Reinecke’s Heritage

Book of abstracts

Perspectives of Balkan Archaeology 2017

Book of abstracts



Seen from Oxyartes´ Rock: Central Asia under and after Alexander

The events directly connected with the campaign of Alexander the Great in Central Asia are described vividly and in detail by ancient Greek authors and have been thoroughly evaluated by modern historians. Numismatic studies have reconstructed the history of the following centuries. However, our understanding of the (mutual?) acculturation following the campaign remains limited. The […]

Alois Musil, Antiquity and the Czech Lands

To honor the 150th anniversary since birth of the world-famous scholar Alois Musil (1868-1944) the Institute of Classical Archaeology, together with Czech National Committee of ICOMOS and National Heritage institute will held a seminar “Alois Musil, Antiquity and the Czech Lands.”   This orientalist, priest and traveller substantially contributed to the topics realting to the […]

PeCla 2018: Polémos-Bellum Archaeology of Conflict in Antiquity (6-7 December 2018)

7th International Graduate Conference Perspectives of Classical Archaeology

Varna 2020 Conference

We would like to invite you to an exceptional conference planned for June 2020 and taking place in Varna, Bulgaria in the Archaeological Museum founded by Karel Škorpil. The conference will focus on the historiography of the involvement of Czech scholars, not only archaeologist but also natural scientists, architects, artists etc. in Bulgaria. The goal […]

PeCla 2019: VISUAL CULTURE IN THE CLASSICAL WORLD (16-17 December 2019)

8th INTERNATIONAL POSTGRADUATE CONFERENCE PeCla 2019       The 8th PeClA 2019 International Postgraduate Conference (Perspectives of Classical Archaeology) will be held at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. Monday and Tuesday, 16 – 17th December 2019   PeClA 2019 is a two‐day conference in Classical Archaeology and Classics aimed at postgraduate / doctoral […]

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