Iva Ondřejová

Doc. PhDr. Iva Ondřejová, CSc.

(16.4. 1945 – 12.12. 2016)


1964 – 1969: studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University

1972: acquiring PhDr. title

1989: acquiring CSc. title

1994: habilitation, appointed Assistant Professor at the Institute of Classical Archaeology


1969 – 1970: temporary appointment at the Department of Classical Antiquity, Faculty of Arts

1970 – 1974: Assistent at the Department of Classical Antiquity, Faculty of Arts

1974 – 1993: Tenured assistant at the Department of Classical Antiquity, Faculty of Arts

1994 – 2016 Assistant Professor at the Institute of Classical Archaeology

Education activities

Courses and seminars focusing on the ancient architecture, archaeology and art of the Archaic and Classical period Greece and Imperial Rome. Specialized courses on the ancient jewellery, specialized seminars for graduated and post-graduate students, including supervision of final theses and dissertations. Courses on ancient art for students of art history and Classics. Member of the subject area board for Classical Archaeology.

Research activities

The primary research area of doc. Ondřejová was the ancient jewellery (ancient jewellery in the Czech collections with focus on jewellery of Northern Greece and the Black sea region), relationship between the ancient jewellery in the Mediterranean and the Central Europe (Hallstatt, Latène and Roman periods), and ancient glyptics (a collection catalogue from the National Museum in Prague) and their secondary use in later periods (Early Medieval Great Moravia, High Medieval reliquary of St. Maurus and reliquary of St. Cross). She co-authored Czechoslovak (and later Czech) series of the Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, and final publications of the excavations at Cymae and Samothrace. Further she co-authored exhibition catalogues for the Gallery of Ancient Art in Hostinné and Museum of Ancient Sculpture and Architecture in Litomyšl. Together with prof. Jan Bouzek she prepared textbooks “Introduction to the Classical Archaeology,” “Greek Art,” and “Roman art”.

She co-directed GAČR (404/95/0224) grant project focusing on the contacts between the Mediterranean and the Central Europe during the Latène period, and UK grant (103/97) focusing on the Roman arms and jewellery from Bohemia and Moravia. Further, she co-operated (together with M. Dufková from the National Museum) on the research of the history of antique collections in the Czech Lands, published with the help of GAČR grant 408/05/2635.



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Articles 2007 – 2013

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