Helena Tůmová


Mgr. Helena Tůmová, PhD.



Telephone: (+420) 221619725
Mgr. Helena Tůmová, Ph.D. studied Classical Archaeology at the Charles University in Prague. In 2013 she earned her PhD with dissertation titled Il commercio del marmo a Ravenna nella Tarda Antichità: i materiali del complesso di San Severo in the framework of international doctoral program at the Charles University in Prague and  Università degli Studi in Bologna, Italy.

Her specialization is Early Christian and Late Antique archaeology with focus on the archaeology of Ravenna (interdisciplinary research at San Severo in Classe). Since 2018 she is a researcher at the Institute.

Selected publications

  • Tůmová H., Cirelli E.: Reimpiego e spolia nella tarda Antichitá alla luce del materiale litico proveniente dal complesso archeologico di San Severo a Classe. Studia Hercynia, 2019, č. • no. XXIII, s. • p. 55-78. ISSN 1212-5865.
  • Tůmová H., Augenti A., Kuchařová A., Cirelli E., Přikryl R.: Late Antique marble trade: new insights obtained from stone artefacts from the San Severo complex (Ravenna, Italy). In Přikryl R., Tӧrӧk A., Gómez-Heras M., Miskovsky K., et al.: Sustainable Use of Traditional Geomaterials in Construction Practice. London, The Geological Society, 2016, s. • p. 35-46. ISBN 978-1-86239-725-5.
  • Tůmová H.: ANAS 19-20/2006-2007. Památky archeologické, 2011, č. • no. CII/2011, s. • p. 412-413. ISSN 0031-0506.
  • Tůmová H., Drbal V.: Storia della papirologia nei paesi cechi. In Papyri Graecae Wessely Praganses. Firenze, Tipografia Latini Firenze, 2011, s. • p. 161-210. ISBN 978-88-7468-034-4.
  • Tůmová H.: Antonio Mateo Martin de Rodrigo, Las pasiones de Santa Eulalia de Mérida o África e Hispania : Raices africanas católicas y donatistas del cristianismo hispano (siglos III al VII). Památky archeologické, 2011, č. • no. CII/2011, s. • p. 414-414. ISSN 0031-0506.
  • Tůmová H.: Antonio González Blanco – Augustín Velázquez (Eds.), Los orígenes del cristianismo en Lusitania. Památky archeologické, 2010, č. • no. CI/2010, s. • p. 340-342. ISSN 0031-0506.
  • Tůmová H.: ANAS 18/2005. Památky archeologické, 2010, č. • no. CI/2010, s. • p. 338-340. ISSN 0031-0506.



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