KREAS is a project of the Operational Programme Research, Development and Education (OP RDE), call: Excellent Research. The project has been awarded for the 2018-2022 period. The project holder is the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, defined by the call as a Research and Development Center. The project covers the main research areas of the Faculty and its chief research agenda is formed on the platform of three research centers (see The Principal Investigator of the project is the internationally acclaimed linguist Mirjam Fried.

The purpose of the KREAS project is problem-oriented research in the humanities, focused on the foundations and nature of European identity, including a comparative study of non-European civilizations, all in a broader cultural perspective. This perspective includes philosophical, religious, communication, linguistic, and historical contexts.

Several researchers from the Institute of Classical Archaeology are part of the research center “Socio-Cultural Adaptation” and are involved in the creation of the Archaeological Portal of the project.


KREAS – Creativity and adaptability as conditions for the success of Europe in an interrelated world

Archaeological Portal

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