Doctoral students



Anna Augustinová
Settlement dynamics in semi-arid environment of western Central Asia
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  Elena Balduzzi
Archaeology of production in Bronze Age Liguria: a crossroad between mountain and sea
Ján Bobik
From pots to plates. Consumption patterns in the Late Bronze Age North Aegean
Ladislav Damašek
Before Genghis Khan: Mountain areas of southern Uzbekistan in the High Middle Ages. Case study – evaluation of settlements of mountain and piedmonts areas of Kugitang and Bajsuntau in the High Middle Ages
Kristina Doležalová
Made for eternity: Production and utilization of grinding stones with focus on the raw material
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  Denis Hakszer
Caria and the Dodecanese in the Classical Period
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  Jakub Havlík
Settlement strategies of Hellenistic and Kushan Bactria
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  Stanislav Horáček
Authentic Archaeology: Contribution of Ontology to the Reflexivity of Archaeological Questioning
Tomáš Kamp
The iconography of hellenistic tombs’ decoration in Mediterranean area from the second half of the 4th century BCE to the 2nd century BCE
Michaela Kellová
Curse Tablets in the Late Antiquity
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  Matěj Kmošek
Interactions of European non-ferrous La Tène metallurgy
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Jan Kocna
Obchodní stezky na Arabském poloostrově v období helénistických říší a na počátku principátu
Juraj Kucharík
Settlement of Bratislava from the 1st c. B.C. to the 4th c. A.D. with Focus on (Possible) Roman Settlement
Monika Matoušková
Iconography of Animals in Minoan and Mycenaean Art: A Diachronic Approach
Jana Matznerová
Glass between Central Europe and the Mediterranean in the Early Iron Age
Petra Mrvová
Traditions of Achaemenid art in the northern and eastern parts of the Achaemenid Empire and in the territories of their northern and eastern neighbours
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Elena Paralovo
Through the fire: pottery, manufacture, and craftsmen in context
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  Lenka Parvoničová
Reconstruction of Dietary Habits in the Ancient Thrace
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  Anna Peterková
Demographic and production aspects of Bronze Age settlements in the East Aegean Islands and Western Anatolia based on preserved architecture
Paola Pizzo
Characterisation of binders used for pre-modern plasters in the everchanging urban environment
Miloš Roháček
  Johana Stejskalová
Relation between the Classical Archaeology and the Public in the Czech Republic and its Development
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Markéta Šmolková
Socioeconomy of the Iron Age in the southwestern Balkan
Jana Šofránková
Textile Production in the Central Europe during the Older Prehistory and its Comparison with the Aegean Area
Aude Tsuvaltsidis
Exchange and material circulation between the Baltic and Mediterranean areas from the 3rd to the beginning of the 1st millennium BC
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Valéria Uramová
  Tatiana Votroubeková
Etruscan rock-cut tombs with decorated façades dated to the Hellenistic period (half of the 4th cent.BC – 3rd/2nd cent. BC)
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  Kristina Zannikos
Lesbos and the Eastern Aegean in the 2nd Millenium B.C.
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