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Marek Verčík, PhD.



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Tuesday: 10-12:00

Marek Verčík, PhD studied Classical Archaeology and History at the University of Trnava. He earned his PhD with Mgna Cum Laude at the Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Germany. Between 2011-2014 he worked in Landesmuseum für Vorgeschichte in Halle-Salle, Germany. Afterwards he was a Post-doc at the Graduate School Distant Worlds in Munich, Germany and at the German Archaeological Institute in Istanbul. Since 2017 he is an academic employee at the Institute.

His professional focus is on the Archaic period in the Aegean and economic relations with the peripheral areas of the ancient world, especially the Balkans. He specializes in the study of metal finds and archaeometalurgical analyses. Since 2011 he participates on the archaeological investigations of Didyma, Turkey under auspices of the German Archaeological Institute and the University of Cambridge. Together with Petra Tušlová he works on the project Frontier Studies, focusing on the hinterlnad of the Ochrid Lake in Northern Macedonia (FYROM). He is a co-founder of the initiative Perspectives on Balkan Arhaeology.

Selected publications

  • Verčík M.: Medzi Kartágom a Rímom: Sicília a Syrakúzy počas punských vojen. Historická revue, 2019, č. • no. 29, s. • p. 20-25. ISSN 1335-6550.
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  • Weissová B., Tušlová P., Ardjanliev P., Verčík M.: The Frontier Studies. Survey of the Northern Part of the Lake Ohrid Basin, Preliminary Report on the Season 2017. Studia Hercynia, 2018, č. • no. 22, s. • p. 99-133. ISSN 1212-5865.
  • Verčík M.: “MARATHON WITHOUT PHALANX?” – DIE ENTSTEHUNG DER PHALANX UND IHRE BEDEUTUNG FÜR DIE POLIS AUS DER SICHT DER ARCHÄOLOGIE. In Pavúk P., Klontza V., Harding A.: EUDAIMON. STUDIES IN HONOUR OF JAN BOUZEK. Praha, Filozofická Fakulta Univerzita Karlova, 2018, s. • p. 161-178. ISBN 978-80-7308-767-8.
  • Ardjanliev P., Verčík M.: Reconstruction of the Habitation in the Ohrid Region during the Iron Age and the Archaic Period. In Ardjanliev P., Chukalev K., Cvjetićanin T., Damyanov M., et al.: 100 years of Trebenishte. Sofia, National Archaeological Institute with Museum – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 2018, s. • p. 167-175. ISBN 978-954-9472-70-7.
  • Verčík M.: “The Ionians at War?” Die Waffenweihungen in den ionischen Heiligtümern und das Apollon-Heiligtum von Didyma. Studia Hercynia, 2018, č. • no. 2017, s. • p. 7-26. ISSN 1212-5865.
  • Pavúk P., Verčík M.: Reinecke’s Heritage. Terminology, Chronology and Identity in Central Europe Between 2300 and 1600 BC. Praha, Karlova Univerzita, Filozofická fakulta, 2017. 60 s. • p. ISBN 978-80-7308-722-7.
  • Verčík M., Heilmann D.: Spheres of Interaction. Contacts and Relationships between the Balkans and adjacent regions in the Late Bronze / Iron Age (13/12th – 6/5th BCE). Belgrade, Institute of Archaeology Belgrade, 2017. 52 s. • p. ISBN 978-86-6439-026-2.
  • Verčík M.: Kde sa dvaja bijú, tretí vyhráva. Vznik a expanzia macedónskeho kráľovstva. Historická Revue, 2017, č. • no. 27, s. • p. 49-54. ISSN 1335-6550.
  • Verčík M.: Frühe Eisentechnologie in der Ägäis: case study Ionien. Studia Hercynia [online], 2017, č. • no. 21, s. • p. 25-44. ISSN 2336-8144.
  • Verčík M.: Nichts als Schrott? Nahöstliche Panzerschuppen aus dem Apollo-Heiligtum in Didyma. Distant Worlds, 2016, č. • no. 1, s. • p. 11-26. ISSN 2509-2588.
  • Verčík M.: Die barbarischen Einflüsse in der griechischen Bewaffnung. Rahden/Westf., Verlag Marie Leidorf GmbH, 2014. 139 s. • p. ISBN 978-3-89646-500-9.


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