Věra Doležálková

Věra Doležálková is a PhD student at the Institute of Classical Archaeology at Charles University in Prague where she received BA and MA degrees in classical archaeology.

Her current PhD research investigates the interactions between the Nabataean and Roman communities in the region of Wadi Araba, South Jordan, where she works with the Bir Madhkur Project. Her primary research interests also include socio-economic development and caravan trade in the Roman provinces of the Near East.

Vera has participated on the projects of the Institute of Classical Archaeology in Uzbekistan and in Bulgaria (The Stroyno Archaeological Project). She has also taken part in numerous archaeological excavations in South Moravia, Austria, Romania, and Italy.

Her further research interests involve archaeoseismology, especially the affect of earthquakes on water management, and geological influences on the decline of ancient Eastern Mediterranean sites.



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