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Ústav pro klasickou arecheologii
Ústav pro klasickou arecheologii


Studia Hercynia 7 - Obsah

Foreword to the Vllth volume of Studia Hercynia (J. Bouzek)

Part I. Addenda to Pistiros II

Foreword, by Jan Bouzek and Lidia Domaradzka

Basic bibliography of the Emporion Pistiros site

Jan Bouzek, A survey of unglazed and plain pottery from Adžijska Vodenica II, Oikos A (with a list of Thasian amphora stamps)

Jan Bouzek and Jiří Musil, A survey of diagnostic examples of Attic Black Glazed and Red-Figured fragments from Adžijska Vodenica II, Oikoi A and B

Ladislav Boháč, Jan Bouzek and Jiří Musil, Pistiros 2002: The excavation report of the Czech mission

Edith C. Stout, Curt W. Beck, Lauren C. Naliboff, Anna J. Phillips, Organic residues in pottery from the Greek settlement at Pistiros, Bulgaria

Francine Blondé, M. Picon, Recherches complémentaires en laboratoire sur quelques céramiques de Pistiros

Part II. Studies, reports and notes

Foreword, by Jan Bouzek

Report on activities of the Institute for Classical Archaeology of theCharles University

Jan Bouzek, The tombs of Assyrian queens at Nimrud and the beginnings of Scythian art

Jan Bouzek, Attic art of 5th and 4th century BC and the art of Cimmerian Bosporus with Plate I.

Tomáš Alušík, Tower in the architecture of Minoan palaces and villas., with Pls. III-IV

Kazim Abdullaev and Ladislav Stančo, Djandavlattepa, Preliminary report of the 2002 excavation season

Jan Bouzek et Ladislav Boháč. La prospection préliminaire du site La Boriette et autres sites prés du village ďEscales, avec pl. I-II

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