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Ústav pro klasickou arecheologii
Ústav pro klasickou arecheologii


Dear Erasmus students,

You are very welcome to study at our Institute for Classical Archaeology! For any questions regarding your stay at the Institute please contact Petra Tušlová ( and for the administration of your stay the Faculty of Arts Erasmus coordinator for incoming students Andrea Čapková (

Basic information about Erasmus at Prague you may find at the following link: ERASMUS

Please note most of our classes are taught in Czech, although we offer every semester at least one course in English.

In the summer semester of the academic year 2016-2017 you are welcome to join the following course:

Archaeology of Pompeii and Other Vesuvian Sites (AKA 500088)

The course is still unscheduled in the SIS, but the first lesson will take place this Friday at 12:30 in P001 (Náměstí Jana Palacha 2, room n. 1)

The course description

The course aims to introduce the students into the archaeology and culture of the Bay of Naples in general, more specifically of the archaeological sites affected by the famous eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD. The region was ruled by the Romans at that time but closer look reveals its more complicated cultural origins composed by the Greek, Etruscan Roman and other ethnics elements.

The unique evidence of everyday life of the cities like Pompeii and Herculaneum or seaside resorts with opulent elite class villas stuffed with pieces of art and luxury in Stabiae, Oplontis, Baiae etc. together with agricultural structures of the countryside, town workshops, ports or brothels form our modern understanding of the period.

The course is intended for general humanities students. No previous archaeological, historical or art historical experience is needed.